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                  History of Bayannur
                  Natural and Geographic
                  General Economy
                  Famous brand high-quality product
                  Mayor's Welcome Speech
                  Investment Environment
                  Investment Policies
                  Investment Fields
                  Tourist resorts

                General Economy
                ¡¡In recent years, Bayannur has, by adhering to industrialization oriented, project and investment centered, opening-up and investment promotion as breakthroughs, accelerated structural transformation of the economy, advancing industrial economy rapidly. It stands at the frontline of the Region in amplitude of main economic indicators. There appears the sustainable, rapid and healthy development in its economic operation. In 2006 the total arrival of its attracted domestic funds amounted to 11.46 billion yuan, an increase of 35.3%. A large number of large projects started have settled here one by one, with rich achievements in investment promotion.
                ¡¡Relying on its advantages in resources, Bayannur has made instant development in such four industries as processing industry of agricultural and livestock products, metallurgical and mineral industries, chemical industry and electric power industry, winning the rapid rise of the industrial economy and establishing such regionally-renowned brands as Zhongliang tomato, Ho-t¡¯ao liquor, Weixin cashmere, Ho-t¡¯ao flour, Xiaofeiyang catering, Luhua grease. In addition to introducing a large number of powerful enterprises including Western Mining, Fujian Zijin, Shenzhen Feishang, Hong Kong Fubang, Shanxi Yuanxin and Zhongyuan Petroleum, it exerts itself to form five metallurgical industries such as lead, zinc, copper, iron and noble metal. With rapid
                development of mineral industry, it has made headway in building the production base of nonferrous metal in West China. Sino-Mongolian economic and trade cooperation projects are continuously progressing and a batch of coal chemical projects have began to be constructed, the new economic growth points being formed.
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